There's a reason ‘Voices Of’ communities across Australia are growing in number.

Being heard, understood, and valued is a fundamental human need and the foundation for functioning democracies. Genuinely listening to the concerns, needs, and ideas of constituents and representing them in parliament is the duty of any elected representative.

However, our voices aren’t being heard.

Public satisfaction with the way Australian democracy works has crashed over the past decade from 86% to 41%.

Why? Feedback from the 'Voices of' communities shows a growing concern with the undue influence and vested interests that political donors, lobbyists and industry bodies have over party politicians, who feign listening but vote in favour of their moneyed 'mates'.

The consequence?

A dramatic rise in corruption within the current federal government - more than 124 corruption scandals to date.

This is not how to run a functioning flourishing democracy, and we won't be silenced.

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