As Voices of Goldstein go about finding an Independent Candidate for the electorate of Goldstein at the next Federal election, we have received welcome support for the first ever elected member of Goldstein, Ian Macphee, AO.

Ian was the Member for Goldstein from 1974 to 1990. He is best known for his contributions in developing Australian multiculturalism and for supporting the passing of the Sex Discrimination Act of 1984, one of 11 Liberals to cross the floor to do so. He is well known for being one of the most prominent moderate Liberal Party of Australia politicians.

He has reached out to us to offer his support to our endeavours to elect an Independent candidate. As well as his message (below the video), Ian has recorded a ten minute interview with us speaking with David Williams about the importance representative democracy and why we should elect an independent candidate for Goldstein:

Ian Macphee, AO, message of support for VOG and the election of an independent candidate for Goldstein, 30th July 2021

'I am sorry I can’t join you tonight. I wanted to send my best wishes and say how much I admire what you are doing.

This is the time when voters in a progressive electorate like Goldstein must play their part.

I believe grassroots activity is imperative and can be done by supporting good independent candidates.

The Liberal party branches are now controlled by the Liberal party head office, which does not listen to ordinary voters.

If genuine Liberal voters can’t influence the branches, they must come together with other voters to support a really good, honest, broad thinking, visionary candidate to represent them.

The more independent Senators and Members of the House of Representatives we can have to review policies, and their implementation, the better - that’s the state we’ve got to in our democracy which has been abused by power hungry people.

I wish you the best of luck.'

Thank you.'



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