Why do we exist?

We believe in creating and living in integrated and prosperous communities that continue to flourish and evolve sustainably over time, respecting and including everyone.

We recognise that if we want to live in a prosperous and sustainable community we need to be actively engaged in the democratic process.

A strong democracy is reliant upon continuing participation by the people, for the people - not just by voting but by having our voices heard and listened to before and beyond election day.

We believe government needs to listen to our ideas and concerns, then lead with integrity and deliver policies that are fair and inclusive helping drive viable economies, business and meaningful employment, a clean energy infrastructure and viable agriculture sector, affordable and well-staffed aged care and child care, education pathways for all, sustainable and affordable housing and community amenities, and a public world class healthcare system all underpinned by innovation and sustainability principles that supports all Australian including the vulnerable.  

For too long political party representatives have been prioritising internal party politics, party donors, lobbyists and vested interests, at the expense of the interests and priorities of their electorates and long term viability of our country.

What do we do?

We help the citizens of Goldstein have their voices heard so they can play an active and constructive role in how our electorate and community is best represented in federal parliament.

How will you benefit from participating with us?

Tired of writing letters, signing petitions, or meeting with your representative only to have your views ignored in favour of party donors, lobbyists, special interest groups and party politics? By joining the Voices of Goldstein in electing an independent representative you will be able to:

  • Be better informed about issues of concern in the Goldstein electorate.
  • Be heard and have your issues of concern be taken to elected representatives and candidates at times of election.
  • Look for positive solutions to ensure the mainstream progressive values of Goldstein residents are represented in parliament and realised in our community.
  • Put more pressure on parliament to address the impacts of climate change now.
  • Become powerful and informed as a citizen knowing that the things we care about are better represented and acted upon by Parliament.
  • Work together to create a stronger and more vibrant and engaged community, which benefits all.
  • Have a greater say in Goldstein’s collective future, well-being and prosperity and help protect the future of our children, friends and families now and in the long term