Voices of Goldstein is coordinating a process to identify a candidate and invite them to stand as the Community Independent endorsed by Voices of Goldstein for the seat of Goldstein. 

In order to be endorsed by Voices of Goldstein a candidate must fit the following Profile and give voice to the Priorities listed below.


The candidate identified by Voices of Goldstein to represent the people of Goldstein in the Parliament of Australia shall possess the following characteristics.

  • Independence: They are not aligned with a political party.
  • Geographic association: They reside in and are registered to vote in Goldstein or have a tangible association with the Goldstein area and are registered to vote in Victoria. 
  • Community-minded: They are engaged with the community in some capacity and are committed to listening to and acting on the concerns and views of the Goldstein electorate.
  • Ethics and behaviours: They subscribe to the values, behaviours and principles outlined in the Goldstein Standard and commit to act in accordance with this Standard in your public life.
  • Broad grounding and credibility: They have broad educational and life experiences, and have achieved noteworthy success in one or more of the arenas of business, academic or professional life.
  • Interpersonal skills: They have the capacity to be a respected team leader, consensus builder and networker and have demonstrated this capacity in previous endeavors.
  • Communication skills: They are a confident and succinct speaker and communicator with the capacity to think quickly and respond on the spot.
  • Probity: They have high ethical standards, have no criminal record nor have ever placed any social media posts that could incriminate your name as one who abides by such standards.
  • Grasp of the system: They understand Australia’s parliamentary and voting system and the political forces that act on and within the system.
  • Resilience: They have the capacity to work under pressure, prioritise conflicting demands and withstand the rigors of public scrutiny. 



The candidate identified by Voices of Goldstein to represent us in the Parliament of Australia shall pursue and advocate for the following key priorities identified through our consultation with members of the Goldstein community.

1. To democratise the political process by:

  • Establishing a robust and transparent federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) as a matter of urgency
  • Strengthening Freedom of Information (FoI) legislation and whistleblower protection together with real-time disclosure of political donations to enhance transparency in government decision-making 
  • Advocating for a diverse media landscape that abides by the Australian Press Council’s General Principles and Standards, and for truth in political advertising.

2. To restore a healthy climate and environment for current and future generations by:

  • Supporting strong science-based measures to mitigate climate change to meet the internationally agreed climate goals 
  • Accelerating the deployment of a smart, reliable and affordable renewable energy supply system together with the strategic phasing out of fossil fuels as an energy source in line with the action of other major developed nations 
  • Protecting and restoring Australia’s unique biodiverse landscapes, forests, flora and fauna; supporting measures to protect and enhance the local environment in Goldstein and the bayside area.

3. To create social cohesion and economic prosperity by:

  • Protecting the nation’s universal healthcare system to ensure optimal health and wellbeing for all Australians now and into the future
  • Incentivising entrepreneurship, job creation and upskilling that responds to a rapidly changing global market, diversifying and strengthening Australia’s economy by leveraging our key strengths and natural advantages
  • Supporting intergenerational equality opportunity measures and the freedoms and fundamental human rights applicable to all, valued by all Australians and in accordance with our international obligations.