How Independents Make a Difference

On Friday, 30th July 2021, the Voices of Goldstein were treated to an audience with Cathy McGowan, former Independent for Indi. Accompanying her where Indi residents and supporters Bobbi McKibbin and Graeme Blanch who worked with Cathy on her election campaigns, and Katrina Barter who worked on the Zali Steggall campaign in Warringah. 

We explored what it takes to win a seat as an independent candidate and the positive impact independent representatives have in federal politics.

Cathy's insights and experiences put to bed any doubts people had about the impact of  independents on politics.

You can watch or listen to our 90 minute discourse and get lots of questions answered and, along the way, be inspired by the power ordindary citizens can have in shaping our collective future.

How Independents Make a Difference Video (90mins)


Cathy McGowan

If you don't know much about Cathy McGowan here's a brief introduction:

Cathy is the former independent member for Indi, winning the seat from Sophie Mirabella in 2013 and holding it until her retirement from federal Parliament in 2019. Cathy is famous partly for winning in a very safe seat, but more so because of the way in which she won her seat - responding to a call from the community and working with constructively and collaboratively with the community. This way of working has changed the way democracy is done in Indi and led to Cath being followed by another independent, Helen Haines, for the first time in Australia’s history. She and Voices for Indi have inspired us and now more than 30 other “Voices” groups that have sprouted across the country determined to make democracy what it should be - of the people, by the people, for the people.

Along with Ian Macphee AO, Cathy has thrown her support behind the efforts of Voices of Goldstein to elect an #Independent4Goldstein.

She has sent us her book Cathy goes to Canberra for inspiration and guidance.


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