For almost 20 years, Australia ranked in the top 10 least corrupt countries.

However, by 2018, we'd fallen 8 points to 13.

This raises serious questions about the ethical underpinnings of politics and institutions in this country think:

sadly the list goes on.

Where there's corruption, you’ll always find bad actors at the helm and vested interests looking for self-enrichment at our expense.

For instance, former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is deeply concerned about the millions and millions of Australian taxpayer's money going into the coffers of consultants and businesses who are supposed to be rolling out covid vaccines and doing a very poor job. You can read more about this here: We're paying companies millions to roll out COVID vaccines. But we're not getting enough bang for our buck.

This is just one of too many incidents of vested interests taking from the public purse with no accountability. 

What is the biggest reason for Australia's fall in the least corrupt countries?

Transparency International says the ‘corrosive’ influence of money in politics is undermining Australian government integrity.

What the corruption perceptions index clearly shows is that the murkier the political donations trail is, the more corrupt a country is perceived to be.

What we do know is countries that perform well on the CPI gave stronger campaign finance regulation, and broader political consultation, not just listening to well connected individuals and special interest groups.

Has the corruption risen, or has it always been there and we are more aware of it now?

Corruption has always been around however, we seem to have reached new heights here in Australia and this is a threat to our democracy

Here's a list that was compiled in 2020. That this list is in need of updating is a travesity to the current state of corruption in this Federal Government.

Will Australia fall further?

There is a growing dissatisfaction in the Australian community with the current state of our politics and politicians – many of us do not feel our interests are being represented at all in Canberra.

This is not just a feeling, the evidence shows Australia is going backwards when it comes to representative democracy with:

  • public satisfaction with the way our democracy is working having crashed over the past decade - from 86% to 41%.
  • Australia’s status as an open transparent democracy was downgraded from ''open'' to ''narrowed'' in 2019 by CIVICUS
  • And while for almost 20 years, Australia ranked in the top 10 least corrupt countries, however, by 2018, we'd fallen 8 points to 13. 

Voices of Goldstein members and many other Voices Of communities around Australia (35 at last count) are deeply concerned about:

  • The undue influence of political donors, lobbyists and industry bodies influencing and corrupting our political system leading party politicians to vote in favour of their vested interests rather than for their constituents.
  • The dramatic rise in corruption with the current federal government throwing a veil of secrecy over deals and decisions that keeps us in the dark

This raises serious questions about the ethical underpinnings and intentions of political parties, politicians and institutions in this country.

Take a look at the campaign in the electorate of Hume and you can see clearly many people are extremely worried and angry about the levels of corruption that are not being addressed by something like a IACC. 

How can we get integrity back into politics and reduce, ideally, eliminate corruption, or least keep it under control?

We can start by finding and voting in an #Indepedent4Goldstein to represent us in the Parliament of Australia shall pursue and advocate for these key priorities. 

Democratise the political process by:

  • Establishing a robust and transparent federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), such as that proposed by Helen Haines, MP (Independent)
  • Promoting real time transparency of the source of all political donations over $1,000
  • Strengthening Freedom of Information (FoI) legislation and whistle blower protection to enhance transparency in government decision making.
  • Supporting a diverse media landscape that abides by the Australian Press Council’s General Principles and Standards, and advocating for truth in political advertising.

Restore a safe climate and a healthy environment by:

  • Supporting the legislation of a Climate Act similar to that proposed by Zali Steggall MP (Independent) that sets a pathway to net zero and conforms to the latest science
  • Incentivising the rapid deployment of a smart, reliable and affordable renewable energy supply system and phasing out fossil fuels as an energy source
  • Protecting and restoring Australia’s unique biodiverse landscapes, forests and fauna; supporting measures to protect and enhance the unique environmental qualities of Goldstein and the bayside area.

Create social and economic resilience and strength by:

  • Protecting and strengthening our system of universal health care to ensure optimal health and wellbeing for all Australians
  • Adopting the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission
  • Incentivising investment in high quality, low-cost housing and in the industries that can flourish in a fully renewable, reliable and low-cost energy system that capitalises on Australia’s natural advantages; provide vocational training for the jobs of the future
  • Ensuring no one is left behind in a rapidly changing world; supporting measures that fight inequality, discrimination, inhumanity and fake news.


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