Coni Forcey

I’ve lived in the Goldstein electorate for almost 30 years. I love the access to the beach, the lovely parks and amenities such as libraries, hospital and the Sandringham Train line.

I’m married with three adult children and three grandchildren. I work as a Family Counsellor/Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner/Child Consultant. I have worked within the Magistrates’ Court in the Family Violence sector, and the Children’s Court as a mediator. 

I was a founding member of the Bayside Climate Change Action Group - now the ‘Bayside Climate Crisis Action Group’. We started this group over 15 years ago to put climate change on the political agenda. I’m disheartened that our government has been stalling real action to address this issue.

Like the growing number of my fellow residents within Goldstein, I’m frustrated by the lack of real action on climate change. I would also like to see a compassionate approach to refugees and asylum seekers. I support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s right to self-determination and representation in Parliament. I want a representative whose values align with mine and my electorate - not just adopting ‘party policy’.

I would like to see a candidate be a real voice for the electorate, and not just follow their party. Our political system is no longer working for the people it represents - they are working for donors and big business.

It’s time for a change - to hold our representatives accountable to represent us and lead us boldly into the future with real vision and solutions to global and local problems.