Most of my teens and early twenties were spent growing up in Tootgarook (West Rosebud) and then wandering the world for four and a half years, living and working in Germany, the UK, Canada and the States.

After returning home I spent 12 years living beachside at Mordialloc and have been a Sandringham resident for the last 16 years. I have always been connected to the bay and now can truly call Bayside home.

There is no better place to be with the bay on the doorstep, wonderful village atmosphere, many green spaces and places to play with good connections to transport and bay trails for cycling. I am married with 3 children who grew up by the Bay and 7 grandchildren who are now all living and working around the Bay, from Mt Eliza to Elwood.

I worked with BMW for over 25 years and spent most of that time working on development programs to support small automotive dealerships in Australia N.Z. Germany, Austria and South East Asia. I started my own business consultancy in 2007 and continued this work mostly in Germany and S/E Asia for the next 10 years.

Clean water and vibrant biodiversity with green space have always been important to me and protecting our precious environment by taking strong action on climate change is critical. These strong beliefs led me to take an active part in improving local government and a broader role with many national and International environmental groups. I am a former Board member of the Bayside Climate Crisis Action Group and a keen cyclist with a local Mordialloc group

I’m supporting an independent candidate for Goldstein because our predominantly two-party system is broken. Too many MPs are in it to stay there, toe the party line, pander to corporate lobbyists and major donors and ignore the needs of their constituents. We need an honest, ethical representative who shares our community’s values, is prepared to fight for strong action on climate change and help develop a democratic Parliament which is accountable to the people. We need long term strategic thinking, planning and legislation enacted which is in the best long-term interests of the country and is not beholden to large corporate interests or a media monopoly.

We urgently need to take comprehensive and practical action on climate change across all energy, industry, transport and agricultural sectors, in fact right across our whole economy. We need a long-term strategic plan to transition from fossil fuels to an economy driven sustainably and efficiently by renewables. Entrepreneurs and industry leaders need certainty to guide their long-term planning and major investment and can be given that with a national plan with interim targets and plans developed in concert with industry and unions on how to achieve them.

Workers, particularly in rural and fossil fuel dependent areas, need support and training to help them transition into meaningful work that supports a sustainable and robust economy of the future. Australia has so much potential with bountiful wind and solar, we should and could be an international leader in this field.

A strong, capable independent could also join with others in the Parliament to change behaviour in a positive and more accountable way, to make a safe place for women to work and help turn question time into a useful exchange of information, policies and ideas.