When November 27, 2021 at 9:00am 2 hrs 30 mins

After many months of hard work - including so many of you hitting the streets in purple t-shirts, talking to your neighbours and sharing our events and emails - we are so excited to tell you that the day we have been waiting for is here!

That’s right, our mega-democracy walk on Saturday is actually our candidate announcement! Join us in the park city side of Sandringham Rotunda to celebrate this momentous occasion and be the first to hear our candidate speak

Order of proceedings will be as follows:

9:00am    New Candidate t-shirts available* 

9:30am    Candidate will arrive to join us for informal morning tea in the park**

10:00am   Speeches

10:15am   Big group photo 

10:30am   Press interviews & democracy walks

*In exchange for a donation to the campaign. Don't forget to wear something you can slip a t-shirt over!

**Cupcakes & sandwiches provided

Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your kids, bring your dogs!  Let's show our candidate, the press and the rest of Goldstein our support for an independent candidate committed to real representative democracy and the issues Goldstein cares most about.

We can’t wait to see you there!

As you may appreciate an event like this requires considerable planning, please RSVP to help us plan for the appropriate number.

Will you come?