Upcoming Democracy Walks (Click on the walks you wish to attend for more info and to RSVP)

If you can only come to a couple of these events, make sure the MEGA Democracy Walk on the 27th Nov is one of them. We will be out in force and it's a great way to meet fellow supporters after this long lock-down.

Remember, before Zali Steggall ran as an independent against Tony Abbott in 2019, groups of Warringah residents would meet wearing their ‘Time's Up Tony’ T-shirts and go for walks in high-traffic areas, stopping to chat with curious passers-by.

It started with just two walkers at Balmoral Beach and the numbers grew each weekend. Residents of Warringah started to see the 'Time’s Up Tony' T-shirts everywhere they went. It started conversations, sowed the seed that an alternative was possible and created a social norm that encouraged others to get behind the movement for change.

The buzz created by these walks and the social media campaign that went with them, was what eventually encouraged Zali Steggall to come forward as an independent. The rest is history!

Let’s create our own history in Goldstein! Help us build the movement for an independent candidate by signing up for a democracy walk.