Upcoming Democracy Walks & Volunteer Briefings

Unfortunately, our democracy walks have had to be cancelled during lockdown, but you can do your own democracy walk, by buying a t-shirt and/or a tote bag and wearing whenever you go out in the electorate. Imagine a sea of purple wherever you go.

You can purchase your #independent4goldstein merchandise here.

Every weekend, groups of Warringah residents would meet wearing their "Time's Up Tony" t-shirts and go for walks in high traffic areas, stopping to chat with curious passers by. It started with just two walkers at Balmoral beach and grew each weekend. Residents of Warringah started to see the Time's Up Tony t-shirts everywhere they went. It started conversations, sowed the seed that an alternative was possible and created a social norm that encouraged others to get behind the movement for change. The buzz created by these walks and the social media campaign that went with them, was what eventually encouraged Zali Steggall to come forward.

That's why every Saturday in July and August we will be organising our own democracy walks on our indigo coloured t-shirts that capture people's attention!

To be part of the action, keep checking this page and RSVP to the next walk you can come to. 

If you'd like to participate, but can't manage Saturday mornings, then RSVP to a volunteer briefing and we'll explain how you can participate in smaller ad hoc walks throughout the week.