I have lived in Bayside ever since I arrived here from Denmark as a 25-year old. I love that the big city density stops here, by the beach. No more houses, no more roads. Just space.

I have three children aged 18-22 years old and work for a sustainable housing company. I am currently studying Sustainable Living with the University of Tasmania as well. Until July 2020 I was working in my own company, Danish by Design, which I started with my husband when the children were young.

In 2020 I finally became an Australian citizen. Now that I must vote, I want there to be someone on the ballot paper that I actually want to vote for. I would love to have someone in Parliament fighting for much stronger action on climate change, reduction of the education gap – the children are our future - and political integrity where decisions are made in the national interest, not to retain power. I hope to see a well-respected, dignified, and clever Australia with the greatest natural environment to share with the world.

Goldstein is a great, active community who deserves to have their voice heard and I am very excited to be part of Voices of Goldstein to help generate change.