The Goldstein Standard – What is it?

The Goldstein Standard describes the way we at Voices of Goldstein engage with the public and do politics. It expresses the values we hold dear, the way we relate to our fellow citizens and the principles that guide how we arrive at decisions and courses of action. This Standard will apply equally to our elected representative.


The values we abide by:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Inclusivity
  • Positivity


The behaviours we each commit to:

  • We commit to being our best selves
  • We commit to being kind, compassionate and welcoming
  • We commit to listening respectfully and learning from others
  • We commit to engaging constructively


The principles that guide how we decide and act in political life:

  • We actively engage with the community to reflect their concerns in decision making. 
  • We use evidence based, scientific and sociological advice to formulate policy and decide on courses of action. 
  • We support open, transparent and accountable government.
  • We seek to build a fairer society that respects human dignity and the well-being of all its citizens.