Sue Barrett

I grew up in Geelong and moved to Melbourne to study a BSc in pharmacology and immunology. I met my partner in life, Jobst at the national masters swimming titles in Brisbane in 1990, so we are a sporty family of swimmers and field hockey players. I am the mother of 2 sons, aged 18 and 23. 

I have been part of the Goldstein community for nearly 40 years. My family and business life revolve around this electorate. I started my business in 1995 based out of Caulfield South and raised our 2 sons who attended the Melbourne Montessori School and Brighton Secondary College.

We really love living in this community. We enjoy the village feel and it has everything we need.

I’m a CEO, Entrepreneur and Ethical & Sustainable Business Growth Strategist. I see selling as the vehicle that allows opportunity to flourish and people to prosper if used with ethical intent. I also work on the Monash MBA program and with the Victorian Institute of Sport (since 1991) helping students and athletes develop their business and commercial capabilities.

I’m an advocate for equality, especially gender equality. My husband I were part of the key organising group that delivered, in 14 days, the very successful March4Justice event that saw over 110,000 people attend over 200 events around Australia on 15th March to protest against the dreadful and degrading treatment of women in Parliament House Canberra. 

I am an active member of Voices of Goldstein because it’s about people power, local citizens reclaiming our democracy for the people. 

As citizens, we know that trustworthiness and clear choices underpin a healthy democracy and this includes a productive life, flourishing families, productive businesses and viable economies. However, it seems that Canberra has lost our trust and robbed us of honest, workable choices to create a sustainable future for all.

There is a growing dissatisfaction in the Australian community with the current state of our politics and politicians.

Many of us do not feel our interests are being represented at all in Canberra.  This is not just a feeling. The evidence shows Australia is going backwards when it comes to representative democracy with:

  • Public satisfaction with the way our democracy is working having crashed over the past decade - from 86% to 41%.
  • Australia’s status as an open transparent democracy was downgraded from ''open'' to ''narrowed'' in 2019 by CIVICUS
  • And while for almost 20 years, Australia ranked in the top 10 least corrupt countries, by 2018, we'd fallen 8 points to 13. 

This raises serious questions about the ethical underpinnings and intentions of political parties, politicians and institutions in this country.

This is why I am supporting the election of an Independent Candidate for Goldstein    

I believe competent independents can and should hold the 2 major parties to account so they cannot solely rely on their own vested interests to make decisions for Australians.

Instead the major parties will have to engage with the Australian community through independents to give us better legislation and take action on the things that matter.

We cannot take our democracy for granted.

Instead, Voices of Goldstein is focused on helping its citizens have their voices heard, so they can play an active and constructive role in the way we are represented in Canberra now and into the future.