Voices of Goldstein is looking for an independent candidate to endorse and support at the next Federal election. We will only get behind someone who is committed to ... and who we believe has a good chance of winning. To find out more about our Candidate Identification process, click here.

You can support our campaign to find our #Independent4Goldstein in the following ways:


Buy a T-shirt

Visibility is key to creating the buzz we need for our ideal candidate to know about our campaign and feel confident stepping forward. Buy a t-shirt and/or Tote Bag and wear/carry it everywhere you go in the electorate.


Post on Social Media

Post a photo of yourself (in your t-shirt) on your favourite social media with the hashtag #Independent4Goldstein and why you want a community-minded independent candidate for Goldstein. Please remember to keep in mind, Voices of Goldstein's values and standards when posting or speaking about our campaign.

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Running a highly visible campaign isn't cheap. We're raising funds to cover the costs of reaching everyone in the electorate of Goldstein, this includes: printing and postage, our website and other online infrastructure, legal and other professional advice, insurance, permits and lots more.



Lily Tomlin once said: "I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody."

Right now your democracy needs you. Everybody can play a role from data entry to highly skilled roles. Fill in our volunteer form and we'll be in touch to find the best way you can help fix our democracy!