I came to Australia from England with my family on January 1, 1988 and have lived in Brighton ever since. My first wife died in 2000 and I remarried another Brighton resident. We merged our five teenagers, and the 4 boys went through Brighton Grammar School, while our daughter went to Firbank.

I like being close to the bay and enjoy the safe environment, good facilities - parks, shops, schools, cinemas, medical centres - and am a member of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club and Iceberger Ocean Swimming group.

I am a recently retired British Chartered Accountant and worked in the international business world for 25 years, including assignments in Paris and Lagos before taking up the Melbourne-based Australia/NZ CEO role for a US multinational group. I left corporate employment to nurse my wife and subsequently owned a national HR network for 15 years.

My current wife, Debby and I took up long distance walking and have completed many such adventures, mostly in the UK. In 2010 we walked for five months through the British countryside with backpacks, covering 2,801kms from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

This walk stimulated a much closer connection with the environment and ecological concern. As a result, three years ago I wrote and published a book called “Joining Loose Ends – how a long walk revealed a new life” and have given many interviews and public talks.

Since our walk, I have focused my activity on working with not-for-profit entities, including 8 years as Treasurer for the Port Phillip EcoCentre and as director of the charity I helped found, The Rescope Project www.rescopeproject.org.au  Debby is an advanced yoga teacher and together we encourage sustainability practice amongst friends, family and community.

I consider the in-fighting and politicking that results from our two-party electoral system is destructive and can no longer offer any prospect of good governance. The corruption, deceit, cynicism and negativity that has now become the norm in Canberra needs to be replaced by well-intentioned ethical independents who stand up for their beliefs and work collaboratively to address the country’s future.

I am supporting an independent candidate for Goldstein because I would like to see:

  • A strong ICAC with complete transparency across the political arena, including on all donations, spending and media or other lobbying;
  • A commitment to greater environmental protection aligned with UN goals to eliminate carbon emissions (>50% by 2030 and net zero by 2050 latest);
  • Greater respect and compassion shown for all people, including indigenous and asylum seekers, and genuine attempts to lessen systemic inequality;
  • Greater support for families struggling with greater work pressure and high property prices.