Kitchen Table Conversations provide Voices of Goldstein with an avenue to listen to, understand and represent the key concerns and broader issues that local Goldstein residents deem most important.

Kitchen Table Conversations (KTC's) enable this to be achieved, through groups of 10 participants meeting up and discussing their opinions on key topics. It is important to understand that the Voices of Goldstein model is not a forum for debate but is a process for listening to what the community values, their issues and concerns.  The topics discussed reach across all levels of government. The KTCs are all about listening, so our facilitators are not in a position to question or debate the issues raised by participants. 

The KTC's are being held across Goldstein with groups being drawn from different segments of the community. The intention is to capture the concerns of a representative cross section of the population with all opinions expressed being recorded in complete anonymity.


The Objective

The objective is to produce a report that will be publicly available in the second half of 2021. All candidates standing for selection at the next federal election will be asked for their feedback on the Voices of Goldstein 2021 report. Voices of Goldstein will also organise a community forum, inviting candidates and all those who participated in the KTC’s to attend. The focus of the forum will be on if and how the candidates plan to represent the views expressed in the KTCs.

We welcome the participation of all people living in Goldstein and respect the diversity of people and opinions in our community. As a resident of Goldstein, we hope that you will agree to take part in one of our Kitchen Table Conversations. Each KTC normally lasts around 90 minutes.