Voices of Goldstein is an active community group representing people in the electorate of Goldstein who are committed to and want science based Climate Action, Integrity in Politics, and Social and Economic Resilience. We are currently looking for an #Indendepent4Goldstein to stand at the next election and represent us in Canberra.

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Ian Macphee -  first (Liberal) Member for Goldstein - backs community search for an independent candidate to replace Tim Wilson MP

Ian Macphee, AO, former Liberal - MP and the first Member for the seat of Goldstein in Victoria’s bayside suburbs, has sent a message of support to Voices of Goldstein - a local community group that has launched a search for an independent candidate to challenge and replace their current MP, Tim Wilson.

Mr. Macphee sent his message to an online discussion, organised by Voices of Goldstein, between Cathy McGowan AO, former independent member for Indi and constituents of Indi and Warringah about the difference independent candidates can make. 

Mr Macphee’s message read:

I wanted to say how much I admire what you are doing.

This is the time when voters in a progressive electorate like Goldstein must play their part.

I believe grassroots activity is imperative and can be done by supporting good independent candidates. 

The Liberal party branches are now controlled by the Liberal party head office, which does not listen to ordinary voters. If genuine Liberal voters can’t influence the branches, they must come together with other voters to support a really good, honest, broad thinking, visionary candidate to represent them. 

The more independent Senators and Members of the House of Representatives we can have to review policies, and their implementation, the better - that’s the state we’ve got to in our democracy which has been abused by power hungry people. I wish you the best of luck.'

Spokesperson for Voices of Goldstein and moderator of the discussion, Sue Barrett responded to Mr Macphee’s statement, saying: “This powerful statement reflects what so many of us feel about Australian politics at the moment. Our members should represent us, but they simply tow the party line decided by head office at the behest of vested interests or as an attempt to wedge their opposition. We deserve better than that and independent candidates like Cath McGowan and Zali Steggall have shown us that we can have better than that. That is why we are searching for a community minded independent to get behind.”

Cathy McGowan AO also endorsed Voices of Goldstein’s campaign, saying to members of Voices of Goldstein “The work you are about to do has the potential to significantly change Australia."

The electorate of Goldstein spans Melbourne’s bayside suburbs from Elsternwick to Beaumaris. It is the Melbourne equivalent of Warringah, where independent MP, Zali Steggall won against former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in the last federal election. 

Voices of Goldstein is one of over 30 “Voices” groups that have sprung up around Australia in an attempt to restore public satisfaction and trust in democracy by returning it to the people. They have launched a campaign to find a community-minded independent candidate with the profile and professional background to win the seat of Goldstein and represent it with integrity and accountability at the next federal election. Anyone who would like to suggest a possible candidate, including themselves, can do so via Voices of Goldstein’s website: https://www.voicesofgoldstein.org.au/nominate