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As a member of Voices of Goldstein, you will have voting rights at general meetings. This means you can nominate for and vote on committee roles and vote on special resolutions. You will also be invited to member meetings where you will have the opportunity to meet other members and receive more detailed updates on VOG activities - including our search for and decision on a candidate.

Members must be approved by the VOG governance committee, which meets regularly. You will be notified if your application is NOT successful. Otherwise you can assume it has been accepted.

Membership Application Form

I support the Voices of Goldstein Mission - to provide a voice for the voters of Goldstein to express their concerns about the issues of our time and to have them acted upon by our representative in parliament. 

I confirm that I am a resident of the Federal Electorate of Goldstein OR have a tangible connection with the electorate.

As a member, I will act in accordance with the Goldstein Standard - an expression of the values we hold dear, the way we relate to our fellow citizens and the principles that guide how we arrive at decisions and courses of action. 

And with that, I hereby apply to become a member of Voices of Goldstein and agree to pay a joining fee of $10 or full time student concession rate of $5. I understand there is no ongoing annual renewal fee.

I understand that the personal details I provide are for the use of Voices of Goldstein only and will be kept securely and not shared with any other group or institution without my prior consent.

My Joining fee is paid here. I understand that, should my application be unsuccessful, I will be notified and the full amount will be refunded to me.

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