We have lived in the Goldstein electorate since 2008. It’s an ideal location for our family with great schools, close to the city, public transport, beaches, a community we very much feel a part of, sports for the kids, GESAC, and more.   

I lived in Mentone until I was 13, then moved with the family to Adelaide.  I did university there and actually worked for the Liberal government Attorney General for a couple of years in my late twenties. I came back to Melbourne and have been in corporate roles since then and started my own consultancy last year. 

I’ve voted Liberal my whole voting life.  But as others have said in the past – “I didn’t leave the Liberal Party, the Liberal Party left me.”  Which fits me pretty well.  They have just drifted away from the party I knew and was once a member of. While there were always some more conservative elements, it was genuinely a broad church, which tended in practice to end up at the pragmatic centre most of the time. 

They were certainly not afraid of reform (GST), or doing the right thing (guns).  But they don’t even pretend to do the right thing these days, as the Porter blind trust and Climate Change ‘Plan’ more than demonstrate. And the coalition with the Nationals is well past its use-by date.

Government can be so much better than what we are seeing right now from the Liberals. I think Parliament needs a moderating independent block of seats to help shift towards more informed debate, with well-designed policy, more transparency with information and decision making, and far less aggro.

I think this electorate wants that style of considered, well planned and sensible government. That starts with getting an MP who represents those values, not just a person who merrily votes for the increasingly hard-line party ticket all the time and prefers culture wars to actual policies.

Goldstein is a very fortunate part of Australia and we should have a candidate with the knowledge, skills and life experience to really add to the debate about what our country needs. I want a local member who is doing us proud every day.  Making parliament a better place, with better and more long-term thinking, reasoned debate, and a more progressive style of policy outcomes.

It’s amazing how far ahead of the government the community, business and State governments are in terms of social and policy thinking.  But let’s just start with a real climate change plan with 50% emission reduction by 2030 and a Federal ICAC-style authority.