I’m 92 years old and have lived in Brighton since I was 13, so a long time. My late husband and I have travelled many times, but we always loved coming home. To me, this is the most wonderful place in the world. I just love it.

I joined the Liberal Party when Ian McPhee was our MP. We were so lucky to have Ian as our Member. He was a wonderful man, very knowledgeable. He genuinely cared about this country. At that time truth, justice and dignity were important; we were an egalitarian and generous nation. Ian lost the preselection when Howard became PM. That broke our hearts. I was the branch president but left the Liberal Party and have watched the slow decline of democracy ever since. 

I support a strong independent for Goldstein because the modern Liberal Party no longer represents the principles and values of its founders and those I espouse.

A ‘fair go’ and social justice for all has been replaced by servitude to vested interests and privilege. Integrity and openness have been replaced with entitlement and secrecy. Good social and environmental policy has been replaced with marketing slogans and vacuous rhetoric. Responsible and accountable government has been replaced by an attitude of ‘not my problem’ and blame shifting.

Sir Robert Menzies ‘forgotten people’ have indeed become truly forgotten. It is time to reclaim a democracy that is truly representative of all Australians.