The electorate of Goldstein is located in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne in the south east and includes Beaumaris, Bentleigh, Brighton, Caulfield South, Gardenvale, McKinnon, Hampton, Blackrock, Beaumaris, Sandringham and parts of Elsternwick, Glenhuntly, Highett and Cheltenham.

The division is named after Vida Goldstein, an early feminist parliamentary candidate who contested five separate elections within the first two decades after Federation.

It is an interesting electorate in that it is one of the wealthiest in Australia with 46% in the highest socio economic group.

We have really high proportion of both Gen Ys and Pre-boomers which is unusual.  

We are well served by public parks, walking tracks and public transport that people highly value, as well as excellent public schools and private schools, and plenty of strip shopping precincts and public amenities which give Goldstein that community village feel.

There are a number of environmental groups in the electorate who are doing their best to raise awareness and fight for climate action and this includes practical actions such as the reclaiming of the Elsternwick Public Golf Course into its pre colonial wetlands thus creating an open public space that is environmentally friendly.

Goldstein became an electorate in 1984 and Ian Macphee became our first sitting member as a Liberal party MP and minister of the Fraser Government. Our current sitting member, Tim Wilson who replaced Andrew Robb in 2016. It has always been considered a safe seat for the Liberal Party however, we hope that is about to change as there is growing dissatisfaction in the community with the current member and the lacklustre performance of their party on many of levels.

Voices of Goldstein Community Concerns

As far as the issues that are important to us, the many people who have and are attending our Kitchen Table Conversations tell us how disgusted they are with the current state of politics, especially federal politics in this country. These people are from across the political spectrum from Greens to Labor to Liberal voters.

There are several key issues that they are telling they want addressed immediately:

  • The undue influence of political donors, lobbyists and industry bodies influencing and corrupting our political system leading party politicians to vote in favour of their vested interests rather than for their constituents.
  • The dramatic rise in corruption with the current federal government throwing a veil of secrecy over deals and decisions that keeps us in the dark
  • Mainstream media being too concentrated, distracting and misleading us with biased reporting and propaganda, and;
  • And the lack of workable policies and accountability for major issues such as the climate crisis, growing poverty and inequality, treatment of refugees, affordable healthcare, education and housing, and growing trend of gender inequality, misogyny and racism

So the question that keeps getting raised is who is our current representative really working for? Their constituents or their vested interest?

We know the answer is in favour of vested interests because our current federal representative has a 100% track record* of voting with their party and not for Goldstein constituents.

There has been an overwhelming request to back an Independent Candidate in the next election focusing on:

  • Democratise the political process including Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), 
  • Restore a safe climate and a healthy environment including Supporting the legislation of a Climate Act
  • Create social and economic resilience and strength including protecting and strengthening our system of universal health care to ensure optimal health and wellbeing for all Australians, adopting the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission, incentivising investment in high quality, low-cost housing and in the industries that can flourish in a fully renewable, reliable and low-cost energy system that capitalises on Australia’s natural advantages; and provide vocational training for the jobs of the future

So let's not take our democracy for granted.


*Check out for federal representatives' voting records in Federal Parliament


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