As one of the organisers of the Women’s March4Justice event that saw over 110,000 people attend over 200 events around Australia on 15th March to protest against the dreadful and degrading treatment of women in Parliament House Canberra, I saw first-hand the power of women and their supporters to unite, raise awareness and ignite change. 

In Voices of Goldstein, we are also deeply aware of the overwhelming body of evidence that shows when women have at least 50% representation and equal sharing of power in senior leadership and decision-making roles in business and politics, we have healthier more prosperous democracies.

However, in Australia, our rankings in 2021 in terms of women’s equality and empowerment have fallen dramatically from 12th to 70th in economic participation and opportunity, from 57th to 99th in health and survival, and from 32nd to 54th in political empowerment since 2006.

It’s no illusion - Australian Women are going backwards

Australian women are going backwards in Australia at a rapid rate and are the biggest losers even though we were once world leaders in women’s equality being the first in the world to introduce the Sex Discrimination Act in 1984.

This is why we are deeply concerned about the fate of women in our society because women in their 50's and 60's are the fastest growing group of homeless people. They have very little in savings and virtually no superannuation which means they have no way of getting access to affordable housing, let alone buying their own home.

So, how do we stop the decline in women’s equality and wellbeing in our country through the community, business and political process, and how do we get more capable women into politics for a better, fairer democracy asap?

Voices of Goldstein is looking for an Independent Candidate who will stand for, amongst other things,:

Creation of social and economic resilience and strength by:

  • Protecting and strengthening our system of universal health care to ensure optimal health and wellbeing for all Australians
  • Adopting the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission
  • Incentivising investment in high quality, low-cost housing and in the industries that can flourish in a fully renewable, reliable and low-cost energy system that capitalises on Australia’s natural advantages; provide vocational training for the jobs of the future
  • Ensuring no one is left behind in a rapidly changing world; supporting measures that fight inequality, discrimination, inhumanity and fake news.

Everyone matters.

Your vote matters.

Make it count in the next election.


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